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  • X-Large Himalayan Salt Bowl with 16 Salt Stones plus Aromadisc (LMT Success Group)

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X-Large Himalayan Salt Bowl with 16 Salt Stones plus Aromadisc (LMT Success Group)

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OUR NEWEST PRODUCT for those who love the beauty and utilitarian nature of our Salt Bowls but want more stones!

Our new Large Pink Salt Bowl has 16 stones - 12 gray round salt stones plus 4 large heart salt stones.

Plus an Aromadisc to add aromatherapy to your room. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to fill the room with the beautiful scent.

Just like our Best Selling Salt Bowl with 6 stones, the large salt bowl adds form and function to your room.

The beautiful design fills your room with a soft light from the Himalayan Bowl and stones sourced and handmade in Pakistan. Enjoy the hues that will bring serenity and peace into your space, while also will enriching yours and your client's massage and spa experience when using the heated salt stone during your massage.

Also includes a complimentary cleaning and protection kit.

BRING THE magic of the Himalayan Mountains AND take your massage to the next level with this hand-carved professional Himalayan Salt Bowl and 16 stones finished using our proprietary process to ensure a highly smooth finish. 

While the Pink Bowl is easily recognized as the traditional Himalayan Salt, The Grey round stones are new to the US market and rarer to find. It is also pure Himalayan Salt and acquires its different color by the greater amount of magnesium, sulfur, and iron. As a result, they hold the heat a tad longer and tend to heat a tad faster than their pink counterparts.


  • 4 oz Decon30 botanical spray and
  • 2 microfiber cloths
    • one for drying your massage stones after sanitizing and
    • one for buffing after Jojoba oil application
  • 1 oz sample of Hobacare Jojoba Oil

Read more about the benefits of Himalayan Salt and our professional bowls on our blog page.

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