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  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad
  • Massage Table Comfort Pad

Signature Session

Massage Table Comfort Pad

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“It feels like I’m lying on a cloud” we hear frequently from our massage clients!

Every massage table can be significantly enhanced with our exclusive made in America, 2 ½ inch 2-layer pad. It was designed by massage therapists for massage therapists.

We wanted the utmost in comfort for our clients – could not find it on the market today so created it ourselves!

The egg crate foam that I used for years is no match for our support pad when it comes to comfort. Your clients are guaranteed to LOVE the feel of your massage table once you make the addition of our comfort pad - they will not want to leave!!

To protect your investment we have several options for pad covers (at an additional fee):

  1. Our waterproof travel cover/bag
  2. Our reversible waterproof fitted quilted TPU cover
  3. Our reversible waterproof fitted terry/TPU cover
  4. We also offer a quilted fleece for added comfort

Our comfort pad is not only designed for your client's comfort but also for your ability to effectively expand on the work you do by enabling you to access areas of the body you may not have been able to reach before.

For example: When in the supine position, our 2 ½ inch thick layer pad makes it possible to easily access the upper back. The technique when approached from this angle utilizes the client’s body weight to help you effectively assess the areas of tension that are not so obvious when the client is in the prone position.

The pad is especially important when incorporating side-lying with your session. The added comfort opens a new opportunity to add a whole new modality to your work and to be able to work comfortably with clients who are unable to lie in the prone position – due to prenatal, sinus issues, shoulder issues to name a few.

We totally suggest purchasing the comfort system to save money (you get a free cover of your choice.) See our Comfort System Listing

Significantly upgrade your existing table with our exclusive 2-Layer pad. Sized perfectly to accommodate varying widths of massage tables with 29” and 30” options.

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