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Back Shawl

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Wrapped around your shoulders like A GENTLE HUG!

LARGE HEATED Back Shawl provides the comfortable feeling of warmth on your back or any other part of your body, for that matter! And can provide Pain Relief as well.

Heat the large warm pack in your microwave and put it over your shoulders to provide warmth to shoulders and back. You can use the shawl standing or lying down. Put it on the couch or bed and lay down on your back or lay on your stomach and over your back.

You could even put it on your stomach (or any other part of your body) that needs pain relief or just the comforting feeling of warmth!

Our exclusive, non-electric, back shawl/warmer is filled with quality grains and spices for soothing all-over comfort. It has a subtle aroma when warmed in either a towel warmer (suggested) or microwave.

Use all year long – not just for the colder months.

For HOME USE warms up easily in the microwave. Warm it up and wrap it around your shoulders and back. Do not overheat! Check every 10 seconds.

This wonderful moist heat starts to loosen and relax tight muscles - will stay warm for approximately 20 minutes.

The perfect alternative to the use of an electric heating pad that emits EMF’s (Electromagnetic Field). Muscle testing has shown that even turned off, the body is still weakened when draped with an unplugged electric heating blanket so you can imagine the weakness when the electric heat is plugged in.

With a generous size of 20” x 28” it will give your yourself or loved ones a truly relaxing experience with our high-quality warming back shawl.

Cleaning Instructions: The back shawl can be spot cleaned only, we suggest our Decon 30 for spot cleaning.

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