The Signature Session Story

Signature Session opened its doors in 2019 but it really began back in 2004 when a vendor put a salt stone slab in the hand of our co-founder Lorenne and told her about the benefits of using Himalayan Salt Stones in her massage practice. It was just a large rectangle slab and unusable in that form. So she got out her stone cutter and sander, cut the large slab to useable sizes, and sanded them for smoothness. Since then she has been incorporating hot salt stones in every massage she does. That was 17 years ago when life (marriage, kids, etc.) interrupted introducing Salt Stone Massage to the world! Fast forward 17 years and enter Mary Beth – friend and appreciative client with a business background.

And Signature Session was born!

With the needs of Massage Therapists in mind, we have updated the Salt Bowl to meet today’s safety standards and created several other unique products to add heat, comfort, and stress/pain reduction to your sessions - whether IN THE OFFICE or ON the GO! We started Signature Session to offer unique, well-made, and reasonable priced products to other Massage Therapist so they could offer their clients a unique Signature Session.

Meet Lorenne & Mary Beth


Lorenne, LMT has had a flourishing private practice for 30+ years. She incorporates heat, salt stones, and essential oils in all her massages. Her clients, Mary Beth included, rave about her wide variety and expert skills. Lorenne is the Massage Therapy Expert on the team and is THE amazing creative force behind our products.

Mary Beth has over 40 years of a variety of business experience - from corporate work to founding several small businesses. Mary Beth is responsible for the backend work of the company to ensure things run smoothly.

You will also see Mary Beth representing Signature Session at Massage Therapy trainings and conferences. And if your lucky, Lorenne will be there too!