Your Massage Table – New or Used?

Your Massage Table – New or Used?

My first massage table in 1992 was brand spanking new. To save on the shipping cost I made the 3-hour journey to pick it up myself and have the added bonus of a tour of the factory. 30 years later that factory is still pumping out great massage tables - built to last. In fact, Oakworks is the only company that still makes their tables here in the US.

I should mention that the table I picked up in PA is still in use all these years later. Oakworks truly makes their tables to last and mine is a prime example.

Going against what most people think, your massage table should NOT be your most expensive investment - not with quality used tables like Oakworks and Earthlite readily available. Save your money and use it on items that can only be purchased new - items that will set you apart from your competitors and add to the success of your business.

Where should I look for a used massage table?

  • Your local massage school bulletin board and/or on-line alumni classified section
  • Craigslist - click on FOR SALE, then scroll to top section click ALL This will ensure that ALL categories will be checked, then go to search bar and enter massage table
  • Ebay - Put in your desired brand and width and check the local pick-up only.  If you live in a big city you may be surprised at how many tables are being sold locally and could just be picked up - just keep looking.  I would not suggest having a used table shipped from Ebay or any other online marketplace.

What to look for in a used table?

Get clear as to what you are looking for, and hone in on those specifications. There are a lot of used tables out there so just keep looking for the details that you want.

  • BRAND Most important - My first choice, of course, is Oakworks - close second Earthlite.
  • WIDTH - most tables range from as narrow as 27” up to 31” - special orders at 32”+ 
  • MATERIAL -  Wood or metal?  Usually, the aluminum frames are lighter and a good option for being portable. However, there is nothing like the look of a lovely wood table and some of the newer models are made to be a lot lighter than they used to be - it really is a personal choice.
  • ASK QUESTIONS - Know what you want and don't just buy the first you see without asking questions. Its age/history? Has it been in storage?  If so, temperature regulated? Look for signs of damp or wet conditions. Does the table come with the headrest, carry bag, and/or bolster? All these are added bonuses that are often offered at the time of sale for no extra charge.

For years I bought and sold Oakworks tables on the platform of Craigslist. The quality of a 1 or 2-year-old table is as good as new but at a fraction of the cost. 

There were a lot of great deals out there for reselling. I have heard so many stories of why people just want to sell their table and fast, some of the stories are amazing. Like the time a couple moved into a new house and found a brand new Oakworks Nova in its cover with all accessories left in the garage. They just wanted it out of there, and I happened to see the ad first ! 

These almost new tables were up for sale at a fraction of their retail value, making it a win - win for both myself and the therapist buying the almost new table. 

Now with the tide of China's tables coming into the country and Oakworks making great student tables for less, there aren’t as many deals as there used to be in the used market. Sometimes though I still can't help myself and I look on Craigslist. The deals are still there. You may need to look a little longer and a little harder but you can still be successful.

Get clear as to what you want and you will find it - Happy Table Hunting!

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