Benefits of Himalayan Salt and our professional bowls

Benefits of Himalayan Salt and our professional bowls

Sourced in Pakistan, Our HIMALAYAN SALT stone BOWL with 6 massage stones + Aromatherapy base stone will enrich your massage and spa experience.

OUR SALT STONES are hand-carved, have had a final sanding and sealed to deliver you the smoothest salt stones on the market! Fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Round and flat in shape to offer a lot of surface space to deliver a radiating warmth, unlike salt balls that have very little surface space or ability to direct the warmth onto your client.

An illuminated bowl is a UNIQUE PIECE OF ART that will beautify your treatment room or home. With its naturally formed colors, striations, cracks, and markings each bowl has its own unique beauty!

Salt stones emit HEALTHY, REJUVENATING IONS that create a feeling of cheer and well-being.

EXCLUSIVE AROMA-DISC with Essential Oil "well" not only allows you to gently diffuse essential oils from your bowl but also acts as a heat buffer for your top stone when placed underneath it. When using the aromatherapy disc simply remove the top massage stone and add 5 - 10 drops of your favorite oil into the hand-carved indent and the subtle aroma will surround your room. You could also put the stone over the well to infuse the stone with smell of the oil.

OUR DIMMER switch allows you to lower the temperature once the stones reach your desired temp - it takes approximately 30 minutes on the highest setting for the stones to be well heated. After that you can adjust the dimmer to meet your needs.

Salt Crystal's 84 TRACE MINERALS are soothing and healing for the skin.

Cleaning is QUICK AND EASY with our suggested botanical Decon30 spray. Just give a quick spray to each stone, wait 30 seconds, and wipe dry.

No preparation needed - to warm, just plug the cord into your nearest electrical outlet. Warming the stones takes about 30 minutes on the highest setting when they have been off. The gray stones will heat a little faster than the pink.

ENERGY efficient and SPACE saving only 7 inches wide at top of bowl.

A great all-round Massage Stones set BUT Don't take our word for it. Here's what Massage Therapists have to say:

"I absolutely love this. Really like the gray, it’s different than traditional"
"Each piece was securely wrapped. I love it. Well worth the price."
"So beautiful heats up great, looks amazing!"
"These Himalayan salt stones are perfect for my spa needs!"
"Heats up real good with no problems at all!"
"Very well made!"


Create an incomparable experience your clients will love that is easily incorporated into your massage routine; they are also simple to use at home for you and your family.

This incredible value-added service incorporated with each massage, will keep your clients coming back. 

For the option of traveling with your massage stones see our Salt Stone Travel Bag - a small, compact heated travel bag with 6 salt stones.

NOTE:  Since our bowls are handmade, EACH BOWL is ONE-OF-A-KIND and we cannot guarantee exact likeness to the photos shown here. Bowls may be lighter or darker than our photo image.

Additionally, our bowls are designed to hold our hand-carved massage stones - these stones only are designed to fit in the bowl - please do not substitute with other stones - if you do they will not fit correctly. Link to go back to product page:

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